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About Us

RMT specialises in asset management safety systems related to a wide variety of industries. Our customised software systems and mobile technology assist industry leaders to mitigate their safety risks and reduce operating costs.

Our team of technical specialists focus on the client's key risk areas to develop customised controls and practical procedures to manage safety assets and mitigate risks in the workplace. 

By implementing the appropriate technologies in the workplace we are able to streamline the inspection process for all your safety assets with paperless entries and technical field support. 

To be a trusted world-class provider of industry safety solutions through innovation and modern technology to mitigate risk and injuries in the workplace
At RMT, we seek to develop the most effective and reliable safety systems in the industry by implementing next generation technologies

Our Values:
 Safety  Safety does not come instantly, you need to implement it constantly

 Environment  Ensuring our operations are environmentally responsible

 Respect  We value customer relationships 

 Excellence  Products and services we are proud to deliver

 Accountability  Delivering on our commitments while exceeding expectations

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