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RMT provides customised safety solutions specific to your business needs to mitigate safety risks while reducing operating costs.

RMT specialises in developing and applying technology to monitor safety inspections in the workplace allowing our customers to set the industry standard for quality safety inspections. 

Our team of technical specialists focus on the client's key risk areas and develop customised smart controls to enhance safety, optimise productivity and reduce the level of risk.

What We Do

RMT proactively identifies environmental, health and safety risks and implements practical failsafe processes to mitigate these risks by:

  • Implementing mobile technology in the workplace to streamline safety inspections

  • Eliminate data entry and paper based inspections with mobile technology

  • Simplify field inspections with Barcoding, RFID and NFC technology

  • Streamline safety inspections with mobile RMT field support

  • Increase safety performance and asset longevity

  • Mitigate environmental, health and safety risks

RMT Empowers your workforce with mobile technology to inspect and maintain safety assets effectively allowing them to:
  • Perform quality inspections with RMT mobile devices to support staff with technical information, increase accuracy and mitigate safety risks

  • Support field technicians with augmented reality tutorials during inspections

  • Expedite routine inspections with paperless inspections

  • Perform filed inspections with greater accuracy and real time updates

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