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  • Perform field inspections with greater accuracy and accountability

  • Eliminate tick and flick inspections
  • Provides proof of regulatory compliance during 3rd party audits 

  • Receive alerts before assets expire

  • Eliminate human error during inspections with mobile technology 

  • Improve safety standards and asset longevity

  • Greater return on assets and reduced maintenance costs

  • Scheduled maintenance for safety assets

  • Customised software to suit your specific site requirements

  • Eliminate missed inspections

 Streamlining inspection processes in the workplace with RMT mobile technology will create a safer  environment, mitigate risks, save time and reduce operational costs


Ten Key Benefits:

RMT site specific processes monitors every safety asset's maintenance history, certification and inspection compliance significantly reducing the level of risk 

RMT remote access delivers live reports, current status and service history data of all your assets 

RMT will guarantee that all your safety assets are maintained to the highest standards 

Procedures, Manuals, Certification, History, etc. 

RMT empowers your field technicians with mobile technical support

RMT Safeguards 100% accuracy for asset inspections

Achieve 100% compliance during 3rd party audits with RMT scheduled inspections and preventative maintenance for all your safety assets 

RMT is ideal for compliance based inspections

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