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 Implementation Process:

Identifying Areas at Risk

RMT technical specialists meet with the client's specific area representatives to identify areas at risk and assets that should be managed under the RMT process according to the specific site conditions. 

Asset Identification

All required assets are then assigned with a unique identification number and relevant barcode, RFID or NFC tag during the initial tagging phase.

Asset Registration 

All tagged assets are then registered to the user-friendly RMT database. This allows the client to view all tagged assets in one secure location.

Uploading Asset Information

Required assets can have specific information uploaded against their ID number that would allow end-users to access information instantly. (technical support, certificates, user manuals, safety data sheets, video tutorials, etc.)

Asset Management

The RMT site specific software and procedures are designed to accommodate the client’s particular needs. This allows our clients to improve their safety by streamlining the inspection process with 100% accuracy, implementing key controls and measures such as routine inspections, alerts, specific asset information and maintenance notifications.

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