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Asset Management &

Smart Asset by QCS is an exclusive patent pending (2020903661) process that sets the industry benchmark for compliance of safety equipment. It features the use of our Near Field Communication (NFC) tags attached to equipment that requires regular compliance monitoring. Our streamlined process is tailored to comply with the specific requirements of each type of equipment, thus adding quality and accuracy to equipment safety inspections.
How it works 

Smart Asset is a paperless inspection system that operates on NFC enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets. Authorised users simply scan our industrial grade Smart Asset tags from a smartphone to instantly access all asset information. Users are able to complete remote inspections or access information such as test certificates, user manuals and safe work method statements before starting a task. 

​Onscreen instructions provide users with supporting information and allows them to report a fault or damage remotely with the ability to upload photos and comments for recordkeeping or maintenance purposes. Inspection records are available in real time on an easy to view web based client dashboard with live reports for all assets as evidence of compliance monitoring for operational safety.

Key Features 

  • Faster data collection with traceability by location

  • View the most recent location of assets on Google maps

  • Streamlines the inspection process and improves operational efficiency

  • Smart Asset only allows qualified personnel to carry out inspections or activate tags

  • Provides users with supporting information in the field for improved safety

  • Connects assets to the Industrial Internet of Things for data analytics

  • Receive alerts before assets or employee permits expire 

  • Assign equipment to specific users, departments or contractors enforcing accountability and

        improving asset management

Operational Benefits:

  • Automated maintenance and remove from service reminders

  • Significant reduction in time spent on updating asset registers

  • Receive automatic reports and instant alerts of reported damage

  • Avoid costly contractor fees and allow qualified staff to carry out inspections

  • Cost-effective with minimal training or hardware required

  • Low risk implementation suitable for equipment of any kind

  • Customised to suit your specific business requirements

  • Improves operational safety and allows for a practical user friendly experience

  • No additional hardware required, operates on smartphones

  • Improve safety audit results with evidence of critical inspections completed year round

      avoiding hefty fines by providing proof of compliance

Our smart asset tags and labels are programmed from the easy to use QCS mobile app (iOS, Android & Windows). This empowers users to register new assets from a smartphone in the field simplifying your asset management system.

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QCS Smart Cable tie Tag.png

The QCS smart cable tie tag below is the most versatile of all our tags and can easily be attached to a wide variety of assets. The user simply opens the QCS app on their smartphone and follow the user friendly steps. The tags are battery free, water & dust proof, UV resistant and made from durable nylon measuring 180x12x5.6mm. Common compliance colours include Red, Green, Blue & Yellow, but custom coloured tag are available on request.

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QCS NFC label 2.png

The QCS smart asset label to the left is very popular and can easily be applied to an asset. Custom branding is available to our clients for quick infield identification. 

For more information on our European chips download the specification sheet here:

Below are a few screenshots from the QCS app

App views.png

Below is an example of the desktop asset register view for the safety harness registered & inspected in the app view above

Screen snip of dash zoom logo.png
Banner image.png

Please view this demo page on a desktop

In the desktop view above a quarry manager can easily navigate between asset types to view the current compliance of assets that may be required to be inspected under the current legislation, such as Fire extinguishers, First aid kits, Spill kits, Rigging & heights safety equipment, etc. 

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