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Equipment VOC &

The Challenge 

With numerous tasks and responsibilities to undertake daily a quarry manager may become overwhelmed when it comes to complying to all the training and competency requirements to operate under the strict rules and regulations. 


Majority of quarrying plant and equipment require specific training and competencies and failure to comply can lead to enforcement action or on-the-spot fines.

Training and verification responsibilities includes

  • Ensuring staff are adequately trained and familiarised on each type equipment

  • Evidence of training records are available for future references such as audits or incident investigations

  • Maintaining an equipment familiarisation register with evidence of equipment signoff documents for specific plant or equipment

  • Verify the competence of contractors or temporary staff to the current standards

  • Comply to all training and competency regulations

Our Solution

The QCS platform simplifies and manages all the above challenges on a user-friendly electronic platform that requires minimal computer experience. QCS free up valuable time for quarry managers so they can focus on their daily operational duties with piece of mind that their quarries are compliant and audit ready. 


  • Instant access to equipment VOC's and familiarisation documents

  • Electronic forms tailored to a wide variety of equipment with designated entry fields for equipment type, make, model dates, etc.

  • Provides greater accuracy during training to make sure new operators are briefed with the required information to operate safely

  • Automatically notifies managers when refresher training is required i.e. Standard 11 refresher course

  • Reduce operational risks with a systematic approach to ensure operators receive proper training 

  • Record and store all competency assessments electronically 

Operational Benefits:

  • Implementation is fast, easy and requires minimal training

  • Data is populated to a central dashboard with live updates and audit reports

  • Eliminate time wasting to retrieve training records during field audits

  • Reliable and cost-effective with low running costs

  • Minimal hardware required accessible via smartphone, tablet or desktop computer

  • Avoid hefty fines by providing proof of compliance

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