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Full Body Harness

Asset ID: BH-0123  Full Body Harness

Date: 01/01/2021           Time: 07:10am

User: John Citizen           ID# 0456

Asset owner: SR-QLD      Assigned to: ABC

Asset serial number# 987654321  Model# 0789

Last inspection: 10/12/2020   By: John Citizen

DOM: /23/01/2021           Expires on: 01/07/2030

Inspection status: Current

John Citizen W@H Permit expires in: 36 Days

Blue Harness.jpg
Inspect the full body harness before use:
Tick the box if a defect is identified: 
Webbing Checks:
Hardware Checks:
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By signing this form. I hereby declare that I have made every effort to ensure the information in this checklist is true and correct and that the harness is fit for use.

Supporting Documentation:
Working At Height Safety Policy
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