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 Verification Of Competency Information:

Equipment Details:

Type: All Terrain Crane 220t

Make: Liebherr   Model: LTM 220-5

Unit number: CN0144                

Registration #: ABC123  Exp: 15/11/2020

CraneSafe #: QLD12345 Exp: 20/01/2023

LTM 1220.jpeg

Licences & competencies required to operate this equipment:

  • HR - Heavy Rigid Vehicle License

  • CO – High Risk Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (open/over 100 tonnes)

  • DG - High Risk Licence to perform dogging

Training required to operate this equipment:

  • Pre-start responsibilities

  • Crane set up

  • Installation of counterweights

  • Boom configurations

  • Fly Jib installation

  • Hook block reeving

  • Load chart limitations

  • Travelling with counterweights

Refresher training required:

  • At 12 months: Liccon system

  • At 12 months: Manual extension

  • At 24 months: Fly jib installation

  • At 24 months: Travel with Ctw.

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form for this equipment:

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This is a system generated notification to advise you that your are NOT authorised to operate this piece of equipment. Please report to your supervisor for further instructions.

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