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SBRCQ 20/21_171 Invitation to Offer     RMT/C8 JV - DEMO

Below are examples relevant to the above scope of RMT's patent pending technology driven by C8 software to carry out quality asset inspections remotely from a smartphone with our NFC hardware and software technologies.

Please note that the process, layout & information below are customizable to the clients specific requirements.



Smart Rig is an exclusive patent pending (2020903661) process that sets the industry benchmark for safety compliance in lifting and heights safety equipment. It features the use of our Near Field Communication (NFC) tags attached to rigging or height safety equipment to remotely access asset information, update inspection records and registers to ensure quality inspections are carried out. Our streamlined process is tailored to comply with the specific requirements of each type of equipment, thus adding quality and accuracy to equipment safety inspections.

 ”With SMART RIG you can update your rigging register remotely from a smartphone”

How it works: 

Smart Rig is a paperless inspection system that operates on NFC enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets. Authorised users simply scan our industrial grade Smart Rig tags from a smartphone to instantly access all asset information. Users are able to complete remote inspections or access information such as test certificates, user manuals and safe work method statements before starting a task. 

Onscreen instructions provide users with supporting information and allows them to report a fault or damage remotely with the ability to upload photos and comments for recordkeeping / maintenance purposes. 

During the quarterly inspection process of lifting or height safety equipment the information on the current  Smart Rig tag is instantly transferred to the new quarter colour tag eliminating the time consuming process of updating equipment registers.


This action can be performed from a smartphone by an authorised user in the field saving  valuable time and money. Inspection records are available in real time on an easy to view web based client dashboard with live reports for all assets as evidence of compliance monitoring for operational safety. 

Key Features:

  • Faster data collection with traceability by location

  • Streamlines the inspection process and improves operational efficiency

  • Smart Rig only allows qualified personnel to carry out inspections or activate tags

  • Provides users with supporting information in the field for improved safety

  • Large variety of passive battery-free tags are available for specific applications

  • Connects assets to the Industrial Internet of Things for data analytics

  • Empowers qualified staff to carry out inspections avoiding costly contractor fees

  • Receive alerts before assets or employee permits expire 

  • Assigns equipment to specific users, departments or contractors enforcing accountability and

       improving asset management

Key Benefits:

  • Automated maintenance and remove from service reminders

  • Significant reduction in time spent on updating asset registers

  • Receive automatic reports and instant alerts of reported damage

  • Avoid costly contractor fees and allow qualified staff to carry out inspections

  • Cost-effective with minimal training or hardware required

  • Low risk implementation suitable for equipment of any kind

  • Customised to suit your specific business requirements

  • Improves operational safety and allows for a practical user friendly experience

  • No additional hardware required, operates on smartphones

  • Improve safety audit results with evidence of critical inspections completed year round

      as well as quarterly

Target Applications:

  • Heights safety equipment: harnesses, lanyards, inertia reels, static lines etc.

  • Lifting & rigging equipment: slings, chains, wire ropes, chain blocks and lever hoists,

      plate clamps, eye bolts, etc.

Harness with SR logo on tag  Resized web
New Wifi logo.png
Phone in hand for harness inspection fin
Dashboard draft 8 Final.png
SR tag on 10mm chain
Grey arrow.png
Phone in hand back page draft 5.png
We have a variety of heavy duty intrinsically safe Smart Rig tags from cable ties to tamperproof tags suitable for any application
New Vs. Old tags

    Old: (Traditional)

  • Serial numbers on conventional tags have to be looked up manually in a time consuming process and in many cases not documented

  • In some scenarios tags are fitted to lifting equipment by unauthorised staff increasing operational risk

  • If serial numbers are recorded on a database it can usually only be accessed at limited locations impacting productivity 

  • Serial numbers can wear off and cause delays in the inspection process

  • Inspections are only recorded quarterly

  • Old tags may appear to be in date by colour, but are well overdue for inspection

    New: (SR Tag = Industry 4.0)

  • With the tap of a smartphone authorised users can instantly access or update   rigging registers, records and access supporting asset information

  • Smart Rig tags can only be accessed by authorised users with current qualifications significantly improving operational safety and compliance

  • Our tags offer more than just a serial number, they empower the user with extensive support such as best practices, inspection methods, user manuals etc.

  • Smart Rig allows you to capture inspection and usage records year round with live reports available on an easy to view dashboard

  • Smart Rig provides users with detailed inspection records, notes, photos and videos 

SMART RIG  keeps your risk management systems effective and legally compliant

View the location history for all your assets

 Below is a screenshot of our desktop dashboard with live data of harness inspections
Harness Dashboard.png

Below is are examples of mobile phone views during asset inspections with our exclusive NFC tags

Safety Harness Inspection


Lifting Gear Inspecting (pg 1)

Lifting Gear Inspecting (pg 2)


Lifting Gear Inspecting (pg 3)



Below is are examples of mobile phone views during asset inspections

Equipment (truck) prestart (pg1)


Equipment (truck) prestart (pg2)


Equipment (truck) prestart (pg3)


Fire Extinguisher Inspection:


First Aid Kit Inspection:


Spill Kit Inspection:


RMT empowers the user with infield support to carry out quality inspections with step by step procedures and supporting guidelines.



Access to all LMS & TNA records


Instant User VOC For Specific Equipment


Access TNA Records

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