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Smart Prestart drives compliance for your organization

Smart Prestart is an exclusive patent pending (2020903859) process that drives compliance and improves safety in vehicle and equipment prestart inspections.

It features the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) tags fitted to key inspection points on vehicles or equipment to ensure quality inspections are carried out.

Our streamlined paperless process is tailored to comply with the specific requirements of each type of vehicle or equipment, thus adding quality and accuracy to equipment inspections of any size.

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Our industrial NFC tags are water, dust & vibration proof  (IP68), 34mm in diameter & operate in -40 to 85°C
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By prepopulating equipment information our system speeds up the inspection process, eliminates data entry errors and improves operating efficiencies
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How it works: 

Smart Prestart is a paperless inspection system that operates on NFC enabled smartphones or tablets. The process requires end-users to scan our industrial grade NFC tags placed at key inspection locations on vehicles or equipment. All critical inspections have to be carried out before the prestart can be signed off, significantly improving the quality, compliance and safety of prestart inspections.

Authorised users simply scan the NFC equipment identification tag and all the relevant information is prepopulated instantly for example; user details, time, date, location, equipment make & model, registration, etc. This allows for a practical and user friendly experience that speeds up the inspection process whilst eliminating manual data entries and errors.

Onscreen instructions provide users with supporting information for each step. User’s have the ability to report damage or faults, upload comments with photos for maintenance and recordkeeping.

Completed records are saved on the client’s preferred server for recordkeeping and compliance monitoring. Asset reports are available in real time on an easy to view client dashboard.


  • Instant verification of competency for personnel during the prestart process

  • Streamline processes and eliminate the risks caused by tick and flick inspections

  • Improve contractor safety with quick and easy installation of tags on contractor vehicles or equipment to monitor compliance

  • Paperless options available for log books, work diaries and fatigue management records

  • Periodic inspections for specific items only as required

  • Thorough inspections of items within vehicles or equipment such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, tools, etc.

Operational benefits: 

  • Improved audit results with evidence of critical inspections completed as required

  • Cost-effective with minimal training or hardware required

  • Instant alerts of reported damage or faults

  • Connects critical inspections to the Industrial Internet of Things for data analytics

  • Low risk implementation suitable for equipment of any size

  • Customised to suit your specific business requirements

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