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Boral Logistics

Pre-start # 00001
Date: 09/06/2020  
Start Time: 07:15 am Finish Time: TBD
Driver's Name: John Citizen ID#: 12345
QLD Licence #: 1234567 EXP: 16/06/22
Truck# 2000    Rego# BORAL1
Trailer# Scan Tag  Rego# TBD
Dolly# Scan Tag  Rego# TBD
Break times: TBD

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By answering Yes to the above questions, you agree that you are capable of the safe operation of this vehicle and will work within the guidelines of Boral’s Fatigue Management System.

View Fatigue Management System
Inside Checks:
Outside Checks:
Powder tanker checks:
Driver sign off:

By signing this form. I hereby declare that I have made every effort to ensure the information in this worksheet is true and correct and that the vehicle is roadworthy to the limits of this inspection. Any defects or faults have been recorded in Boral’s Driver Repair Request Book.  

Remember to check brake operation once moving!
Supporting Documentation:
View powder tanker SWMS's
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